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softplaySoft Play


This 57 foot play unit is custom designed for Bee’s Backyard. We took a “Parents Need Visibility” approach – utilizing open view play elements, walk-under areas and full-view windows. Safety is our #1 priority. Kids come first!

Our play unit includes 53 innovative play elements and state-of-the-art interactive play components: Thin Web Bridges, Slant Cargo Crawls, Net Zigs, Tarzan Climbs, Boat Bumper Squeezes and Tight Rope Walks.

Luminivision Floor


An unusual and exciting experience that combines all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers, fluffy clouds and visual auras into one single system. With the element of surprise, users become captivated with the interactive floor. A party for children can have kids be in a specific virtual world that was requested. It’s a fun way to create a powerful experience.


Lego Wallinteractive

“Play is the building block of childhood learning, and this romper wall, is an architecturally inclined child’s wonderland. LEGO boards cover a wall, from basically floor to ceiling. Children can build with or against gravity. says Wines, The child’s ability to impact the basic architecture of the play area by building on the wall is a large part of the appeal.

Toddler Area

Because not all kids under 13 are the same, it’s important to ensure that all ages can have safe fun. At Bee’s Backyard we maintain a toddler area for children 4 and under. How you get to the perfect playground is just as important as all the wonderful things that the kids will find when they get there. The path to playground enlightenment begins with a single question: how do you make certain that the journey from idea all the way to imagination station is as easy and fun as possible? For them, it’s a simple game of connect-the-dots. It’s what they do best, time and time again.